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Needles W.U. Boot-Cut Pant - Burnout Velvet - Black



The Needles Boot Cut Pant shape, produced with a unique original fabric. We use a velvet material that melts a part of the fabric by a special heat treatment called opal processing and makes the overall pattern stand out. A fabric with python-patterned irregularities comes through.

100% pile rayon Base cloth  / 100% polyester / made in Japan



S : waist 73〜84cm / front rise 31.5cm / inseam 73.5cm / hem width 25.5cm
M : waist 80〜91cm / front rise 32cm / inseam 74.5cm / hem width 26cm
L : waist 83〜94cm / front rise 32.5cm / inseam 76cm / hem width 27.5cm