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Nepenthes Special Track Pant - Poly Jacquard - Star



The Track Pant is a classic piece that is issued every season in collection-specific colours. Designed to feature flexible and breathable polyester, this pant looks effortlessly stylish. The unique silhouette and colour scheme are combined to create a standout look. This is a special release available only in Nepenthes Stores featuring a star Jacquard.

100% Polyester Made in Japan

XS: Waist 71 ~ 84cm / Rise 32cm / Inseam 70.5cm / Hem width 23.5cm
S: Waist 77 ~ 92cm / Rise 33cm / Inseam 73cm / Hem width 24cm
M: Waist 83 ~ 97cm / Rise 33.5cm / Inseam 74.5cm / Hem width 25cm
L: Waist 88 ~ 101cm / Rise 34cm / Inseam 75.5cm / Hem width 25.5cm
XL: Waist 92 ~ 104cm / Rise 35cm / Inseam 80cm / Hem width 25.5cm