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Needles Piping Cowboy Pant - PE/PU Double Cloth - Black

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A pair of cowboy piping pants designed with a boxy fit. This piece is instantly recognisable as a Needles classic with decorative details such as piping, papillon embroidery, and snap closure buttons applied throughout. These trousers have a bootcut fit. Jackets are also available in the same material, so you can wear the full set. 

89% Polyester, 11% Polyurethane / Made in Japan.

XS: Waist 72cm / Rise 32cm / Inseam 72cm / Hem width 22.5cm
S: Waist 74cm / Rise 33cm / Inseam 75cm / Hem width 24cm
M: Waist 80cm / Rise 34cm / Inseam 76cm / Hem width 25cm
L: Waist 84cm / Rise 34cm / Inseam 78cm / Hem width 27.5cm
XL: Waist 88cm / Rise 35cm / Inseam 79cm / Hem width 28.5cm