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South2 West8

South2 West8 Pen Jacket - India Jacquard - Emerald



With a simple structure, you can enjoy casual styling as if you were wearing a shirt. Made in India, it uses a unique jacquard woven fabric with a distinctive texture. The wide silhouette gives it a relaxed look.

Body: 100% cotton Back: 100% cotton  / Made in India


XS: Length 72cm / Width 56.5cm / Shoulder width 49cm / Sleeve length 61cm

S: Length 73cm / Width 59cm / Shoulder width 50cm / Sleeve length 61.5cm

M: Length 74.5cm / Width 61.5cm / Shoulder width 53cm / Sleeve length 62cm

L: Length 76.5cm / Width 63.5cm / Shoulder width 55cm / Sleeve length 63cm

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