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Needles Papillon Patches Jean Jacket - 13oz C/L Denim / Distressed - Indigo

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A denim jacket with a look reminiscent of the flower power movement, with emblems of butterflies sewn on to it. The jackets finish is based on an authentic design, wash and has realistic distressing applied to it. Denim is made from a blend of cotton and linen, giving it a smooth and refreshing texture.
* The image of the product is a sample, so the damage pattern may differ slightly from the actual product.


62% Cotton, 38% Linen  / Made in Japan

XS: Length 59cm / Pit to pit 56cm / Shoulder width 47cm / Sleeve length 57cm
S) Length 60.5cm / Pit to pit 59cm / Shoulder width 52cm / Sleeve length 58cm
M) Length 62cm / Pit to pit 60cm / Shoulder width 52.5cm / Sleeve length 59cm
L) Length 63.5cm / Pit to pit 63.5cm / Shoulder width 54cm / Sleeve length 60cm
XL) Length 65cm / Pit to pit 65cm / Shoulder width 56cm / Sleeve length 61cm