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Engineered Garments

Engineered Garments Over Pant - Khaki Memory Polyester

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<ENGINEERED GARMENTS> overpants created in the style of military overpants. The biggest feature is the powerful wide silhouette as the name suggests. The design is very simple, but you can see military pants-like details such as flap pockets, knee tacks, and drawcords at the hem. A piece made of memory polyester material with a unique elasticity.

100% Polyester / Made in U.S.A

S: Waist 84cm / Rise 36cm / Inseam 72.5cm / Hem width 29.5cm
M: Waist 90cm / Rise 36.5cm / Inseam 76cm / Hem width 29.5cm
L: Waist 94cm / Rise 37.5cm / Inseam 79cm / Hem width 30cm