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Nepenthes London

Nepenthes London Fisherman Pocket Crew Cardigan - SS - Navy

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The Nepenthes London Fisherman Crew Cardigan. Designed using traditional Fisherman Details. Originally the inspiration came from a boiled wool piece however we felt that Shetland wool still had a rugged appeal and is better suited to modern day tasks. The pockets can be used for functionality and we kept the item in Navy to keep the nautical theme running through.

XS: Length 61cm / Width 46cm / Shoulder width 37cm / Sleeve length 26cm
S: Length 62cm / Width 49cm / Shoulder width 41cm / Sleeve length 26cm
M: Length 65cm / Width 50cm / Shoulder width 44cm / Sleeve length 26cm
L: Length 65.5cm / Width 54cm / Shoulder width 46cm / Sleeve length 26cm