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Needles Mohair Long Cardigan - Leopard - Grey



A long length is now available for the mohair cardigan, a popular item in the autumn / winter collection. Using mohair material, which has a unique texture, high heat retention, and surprisingly light weight. It is a gem with a classical design such as piping around the neck and antique buttons. A unique item that boldly adopts a leopard pattern.

Mohair 55% Nylon 30% Hair 15%  / Made in Japan


S: Length 104.5cm / Width 57cm / Shoulder width 55cm / Sleeve length 60cm

M: Length 107cm / Width 59.5cm / Shoulder width 56cm / Sleeve length 60.5cm

L: Length 109.5cm / Width 60cm / Shoulder width 58cm / Sleeve length 33.0cm