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Needles Miles Jacket - Poly Double Cloth - Black



A classic Needles jacket featuring an original pattern with the body and sleeves made of a single piece of cloth. Since there are no sleeves and seams on the body, the silhouette with a natural feeling of falling that wraps around the body creates a unique atmosphere. It is a design that makes the best use of the silhouette by suppressing it to an extremely simple specification of only 1 button + bead pockets on both sides. This season, we use a poly double cloth. Pants are also available in the same material, so you can enjoy it even in the setup.

Outer material polyester: 100% Lining cupra 100% / Made in Japan


XS: Length 70.5cm / Width 45.5cm / Sleeve length 85cm

S: Length 73.0cm / Width 48cm / Sleeve length 87.5cm

M: Length 74.5cm / Width 49cm / Sleeve length 87.5cm

L: Length 76cm / Width 55cm / Sleeve length 92cm