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Engineered Garments

Engineered Garments Loiter Jacket - Brown Cotton 8W Corduroy

£380.00 GBP



A classic item with a simple structure that is closer to a shirt than a jacket, giving it a relaxed and casual atmosphere. The relaxed silhouette and the light tailoring without lining make it easy to use. Using an 8 wales corduroy material great for Fall/Winter.

100% COTTON / Made in USA



XS: Length 70cm / Width 54cm / Shoulder width 46cm / Sleeve length 56,5cm

S: Length 73cm / Width 57cm / Shoulder width 48cm / Sleeve length 60cm

M: Length 75cm / Width 60cm / Shoulder width 50cm / Sleeve length 62,5cm

L: Length 77cm / Width 63cm / Shoulder width 52cm / Sleeve length 64cm