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Nepenthes London

Fisherman Pocket Polo Sweater - SS - Navy

£150.00 GBP


The Nepenthes London Fisherman Pocket Polo Sweater. Designed from traditional Fisherman Details. Not originally in a Shetland wool updated for current daily use. The pockets can be used for functionality and produced in Navy to keep the nautical theme. For this style we've been inspired by a Hemingway style polo. The longer body is also a traditional feature however it's also well suited to modern day looks and layered styles.

XS: Length 64.5cm / Width 45cm / Shoulder width 37cm / Sleeve length 26cm
S: Length 69cm / Width 47cm / Shoulder width 40cm / Sleeve length 26cm
M: Length 72cm / Width 51cm / Shoulder width 44cm / Sleeve length 26cm
L: Length 73cm / Width 55cm / Shoulder width 48cm / Sleeve length 26cm