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Needles Cardigan Jacket - W/Ac/Pe/R Ikat Stripe Mall Jq - Olive

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A new style for F21, the Needles Cardigan Jacket comes here with a beautiful lining so it can also be worn when the temperature drops. The Ikat Stripe features once more and holds a great texture. An item that can be used regardless of the season.

Made in Japan

XS : length 64.0cm / pit to pit 49.5cm / sleeve 79.5cm
S : length 65cm / pit to pit 51cm / sleeve 82cm
M: length 67cm / pit to pit 55cm / sleeve 83cm
L : length 69.5cm / pit to pit 59cm / sleeve 85cm
XL : length 72cm / pit to pit 61cm / sleeve 87.5cm