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H.D. Pant - BDU / C/L Canvas / Pt. - Khaki

£329.00 GBP


One of our Popular items, the H.D. PANT with a unique silhouette with a wide front shape due to the darts treatment at the waist and hem. The relaxed silhouette and openness are also a nice feature. This season, the BDU cargo option, which has a slightly different feel due to the side pockets, is now available in a unique fabric with olive and purple paint scattered on a cotton / linen canvas material.

85% cotton Hemp 15% / made in Japan


S: Waist 83cm / Rise 40cm / Inseam 65cm / Hem width 28cm
M: Waist 88cm / Rise 40.5cm / Inseam 66.5cm / Hem width 29.5cm
L: Waist 93cm / Rise 41cm / Inseam 68cm / Hem width 31cm
2: Waist 84cm / Rise 40cm / Inseam 60.5cm / Hem width 30cm