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Needles Side Tab Trouser - C/Pu 8W Corduroy / Paisley Pt. - Blue



Trousers with a classical design and a wide silhouette. Adjustable size with elastic waistband and side tabs. A jacket made of the same material is also available, so you can enjoy it as a set.

Made in Japan

XS : Waist 75cm / Front rise 30cm / Inseam 71.5cm / Hem width 21.5cm
S : Waist 80cm / Front rise 31cm / Inseam 73cm / Hem width 22.5cm
M : Waist 83m / Front rise 32cm / Inseam 74cm / Hem width 23.5cm
L : Waist 87cm / Front rise 32.5cm / inseam 76cm / Hem width 24.5cm