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Needles S.C. Car Coat - Faux Fur - Purple



The Car Coat uses a unique fabric that incorporates purple, which is also the iconic colour of Needles into a faux fur material with delicate fur. The details themselves are very simple; a stand-up collar, left and right flap pockets, and a minimalist design. The silhouette is a wide a-line, and the shade of luster created by the natural drape is also beautiful.

Outer Fabric 100% Acrylic / Lining 100% Cupra 
Base Fabric 55% Acrylic/ 45% Polyester


Made in Japan


XS: Length 74cm / Width 62cm / Sleeve Length 83cm
S: Length 75cm / Width 64.5cm / Sleeve Length 84cm
M: Length 76cm / Width 65cm / Sleeve Length 87cm 

L: Length 79cm / Width 68cm / Sleeve Length 89.5cm