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Engineered Garments

Engineered Garments Crewneck Cardigan - Grey Poly Wool Paisley Print Knit



A cardigan jacket that's fairly new to the Engineered Garments collection. It features a front-opening no-color design like a cardigan as named. Details such as front loops and rugged pockets can be seen everywhere, making it a simple yet strong item. The mohair gives warmth and yet allows the item to be dressed up if needed. This garment features and beautiful Paisley finish. 

Made in USA


S: Length 66cm / Width 63cm / Shoulder width 52cm / Sleeve length 58cm

M: Length 67cm / Width 65cm / Shoulder width 54cm / Sleeve length 59.5cm

L: Length 71cm / Width 67cm / Shoulder width 55.5cm / Sleeve length 61.5cm